Installation Information

If you are still considering your abilities to make a project like this a goal, we are prepared to provide a detailed demonstration regarding installation techniques, safety precautions and procedures. You’ll only leave our store when all your questions have been answered. It really can be easy and fun, though exacting and labour intensive. We encourage you to work slowly and cautiously.

If you don't want to do it yourself, you don't have to. Let us refer a qualified installation technician from our list of independent, reputable installers. It's not as much fun as DIY (Doing it Yourself) but our preferred installers will give you a free estimate, lots of free advice, and guaranteed satisfaction on the sound installation of your floor.

If you're an installer, we’d like to meet you. Sign up for preferred clientele discounts for you and all your customers! Installers buy wholesale!

We carry many products at Hardwood Direct. See our list of downloadable installation instructions for your product type.

Installation instructions for:

All Solid Hardwood: download PDF
All Engineered Hardwood / Tongue & Groove Float: download PDF
All Engineered Hardwood / Glued or Nailed: download PDF
All Engineered Hardwood / Drop Connect: download PDF
All Laminate: download PDF
All Celenio wood tile: download PDF

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