Wood is a living material. You must care for the humidity level in your home before, during, and after installation. Naturally occurring humidity in the air causes wood to expand. Dry weather and heat cause it to contract.

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recommends maintaining the humidity level in your house at 30% - 50%. Keeping this level of humidity year round helps to maintain your floors life, protect your warranty and minimize unwanted cracking and squeaking. It is difficult to maintain a humidity level above 35% particularly in our dry winter season. To measure what your home humidity level is, a hygrometer installed in the living space is recommended. The hygrometer is also a good tool to see if your humidifier is working properly.

Open the boxes, allow your wood flooring to acclimate to the temperatures and humidity in the home for three to four days to a week before you begin installation.

We recommend and stock Generalaire's model 1042 humidifier for maintaining your hardwood floors.

Key points about Generalaire's 1042:

  • Commercially graded (perfect for your house)
  • Very durable (build to last the test of time)
  • Very accurate (easier to maintain certain humidity levels)
  • The humidistat should be installed on a return air duct for a more accurate reading
  • 1042 can handle up to 3000 sq. ft.
  • Your filter should be inspected once a year and either cleaned or changed if necessary
  • Gallons/Litres per Day rating

80° 8 27° 30.3
100° 12.2 38° 46.8
120° 16.4 49° 62.1

* Temp. is measured at evaporator

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