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We present an easy product mix of unmatched design options. Only the ‘cream of the crop', products in woods, laminates or vinyl are available at Hardwood Direct.

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Solid Wood
"Natural, renewable and recyclable". Prefinished solid hardwood is quick and easy to install. It must be installed on a wood subfloor.

  • Highest value
  • Long lasting lifespan
  • Can be refinished several times and has a classic style
  • Variety of species, colors, stains and widths

Engineered Wood
Some of the most famous brands on the market are now engineered woods. The "smart" floor, once installed, it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between a solid wood floor and a floor with a wood top layer. Wider plank trends are more available. Engineered hardwood sold at the Hardwood Direct is dry sawn only (real wood top layers under 1mm can be slice cut), producing a high quality, natural look.
  • Very stable
  • Designed for areas with volatile humidities
  • You walk on ultra-hard finish layer not the wood
  • Can be installed on any surface in your home, including concrete or radiant heat
  • Some resurfacing possibilities

Dry sawn: Hardwood precisely sawn in desired thickness of plank.
  • Same look as ¾ in. (19 mm) solid hardwood flooring
  • Color variations, uniformity, and natural grain beauty of the species is preserved
  • Each board is unique, no repetitive pattern
  • Ultra-thick wear layer
  • Can be sanded two to three times, as needed. A one of a kind floor that really can last a lifetime

WE DO NOT sell any rotary peeled engineered floors. Rotary peeled flooring can be problematic in dry climates. In dry climates rotary peel has a tendency to display surface cracks referred to in industry related terms as "face checks" these are aesthetically very unpleasant.

Problems with rotary peeled floors aren't always covered by manufacturers where low humidity exists.

Rotary peeled products available at competitors are produced when the log is boiled then peeled using a rotary cut (method used to make plywood), with appearance of repetitive patterns similar to plywood. The wood is softened by soaking it in a solution, which tends to yellow the surface. The ultrathin wear layer can show cracks, nicks and imperfections, and it can be sanded only once, if ever.

Get the look for less. Inexpensive, easy and a popular alternative to hardwood because of the durability, high quality visuals and value. Designed for residential areas of greater wear, commercial applications, office, restaurant or store.
  • Floating floor product, commonly installed over an existing floor
  • Resistant to intense impact, heat, bacteria, pet and chair scratches and UV rays
  • Can be used in areas where the material it imitates cannot
  • Sophisticated textures like wood and stone

Coming Soon: Vinyl
Today's vinyl floors are an innovative product that can stand up to the foot traffic of a demanding household or a light commercial environment. Vinyl floors are also desirable for its ease of installation and durability.
  • Not affected by humidity
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish. Variety of aesthetics
  • Warm and quiet

We've got your floors, for less. Guaranteed.